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This can magically find cavities!

October 5, 2020

We want to tell you all about one of our latest technologies that has brought Atlanta Dental Spa NEXT LEVEL.

The iTero 5D Element can do so many different things. One of the really fascinating things it can do is find cavities. Typically, at a cleaning, we take x-rays once a year and those x-rays look for cavities. Sometimes, however, those x-rays show no cavities. When we scan those teeth with the iTero, however, we can see cavities that the x-rays didn't show.

With this technology, we can take care of this cavity as conservatively as possible due to early detection. We now have this machine at all of our Atlanta Dental Spa offices, so no matter which location you're visiting, we'll be able to take a scan to see if you have any cavities - and if there's anything else that would be helpful in keeping your smile healthy!