The Top 16 Reasons to Choose Atlanta Dental Spa for your dental caredoctor king

Why Choose Atlanta Dental Spa? Here are the Top 16 Reasons!

April 3, 2024

The Top 16 reasons to choose Atlanta Dental Spa!

Number 1 - Complete Health Dentistry Approach

At Atlanta Dental Spa, we practice complete health dentistry because we believe that the health of your mouth directly correlates and impacts the health of your body. So our goal is to help you understand that connection, guide you with the best treatment recommendations and options, so that you can choose total health for yourself.

Number 2 - A Relationship-Based Practice

We're a relationship based dental practice. People make the comment that were always so happy to come and be at the dentist, which is a really unusual thing. We really pride ourselves on getting to know our dental family.

Number 3 - Independently Owned for Personalized Care

We are not corporately owned. We have seen investors take over practices that can destroy the relationship based practice that we strive for, like we said in number two.

Number 4 - Guaranteed Satisfaction

We do offer warranties and we have amazing customer service, as you'll see, becoming a patient with us.

Number 5 - 5 Convenient Locations Across Atlanta

We have multiple locations both inside and outside the perimeter.

Johns Creek, Poncey-Highland, East Cobb, Buckhead, and Brookhaven

Number 6 - Top-Rated and Highly Reviewed

We are top rated and top reviewed. We treat our patients like family and they sing our praises online.

Atlanta Dental Spa Best Dentists In Atlanta

Number 7 - World-Class Dental Professionals

Our doctors are world class. We have tons of reviews, accolades, fellowships, all sorts of great stuff that you can read about on our website, but I can guarantee you we're definitely qualified to take the best care of you.

Number 8 - A Team of Masterful Dental Experts

We have a team of Masters at Atlanta Dental Spa. We assembled a group of highly trained individuals that allows us to provide you with the highest level of care in each of their individual trainings. So if you need implants, veneers, cosmetics, restorative surgery, whatever it is that you need, we've got someone who's trained for that level and they'll take the best care of you.

Number 9 - Comprehensive In-House Procedures and Treatments

We do a lot of procedures in-house. Whether it's gum therapies, Invisalign, cosmetic enhancements, implants, surgeries, or even full mouth rehabilitation, we've got you covered. We understand patients want as many procedures under one roof as possible, and that's what we aim to do.

Number 10 - Cutting-Edge Dental Technology

We have awesome technology ranging from 3D X-rays to digital impressions, and we even have our own 3D dental printer. And if that cutting edge technology wasn't enough, we also have digital amenities like wireless headphones and mounted TVs to keep you comfortable during your visit.

Number 11 - The Original Atlanta Dental Spa Experience

We are THE Atlanta Dental Spa. We're often imitated and you'll see dental spas here and there around town or online, but I guarantee you that we're the real deal. We're the ones who started that entire idea around here, and it shows in every little nuance that we put into it. We've got all the amenities to make you feel comfortable in a spa like environment from diffusers making it smell nice, to noise-canceling headphones, warm neck pillows and blankets, paraffin hand wax, TVs in the ceiling... You name it, we've got it. We want you to be comfortable and have a wonderful experience here.

Number 12 - We Value Your Time

We value your time. This is so incredibly important to us. This is not going to be one of those doctor's offices where you're going to be sitting in the waiting room for half an hour or 2 hours. If your appointment is at 10:30, you're getting back at 10:30.

Number 13 - Entertainment Options for a Relaxing Visit

We have entertainment options. We know you may not love coming to the dentist, so we're going to give you options to help pass the time while you're here. You can lay back and watch your favorite show, watch your favorite movie, or even listen to music.

Number 14 - Open Sterilization Area for Transparency

We have an open sterilization area that we are able to show patients the processes that we go through to maintain a healthy and safe environment for everything we do for them.

Number 15 - Authentic Before and After Photos

We have authentic before and after photos. Believe it or not, almost anyone can go on the internet and get stock photos of before and after dentistry. And a lot of dentists don't have confidence in themselves to actually show their own work. We find that embarrassing. At Atlanta Dental Spa, every picture that you see on the wall and our website, we have our own patients. So we use our Before and Afters so that you can see the quality of our work.

Number 16 - The Golden Rule of Patient Care

The Golden Rule, which is to treat other people as you want to be treated. That's how we try to run our business and our practices, and that's how we're going to treat you too. I'm going to treat you as if you're my sister or my mother, my brother or my best friend, which is just like family. And that's how our entire team feels.