No-Prep Veneers

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No Drilling!

No-prep veneers have many different name brands, like Lumineers, DURAthins, Vivaneers and more. And everyone is asking about them! Here’s why no-prep veneers are an increasingly popular choice for improving your smile.

No-prep means we don’t have to drill your teeth or reduce your tooth surface to fit the veneers to your smile. No-prep veneers are similar in nature to contact lenses. Because the porcelain used is so thin we can bond to your teeth without creating bulk. If you’re a candidate for no-prep veneers, you can have the smile of your dreams without drilling and without having to be numbed!

Let Us Show You!

This is an photograph we took of an actual Atlanta Dental Spa patient, halfway through the bonding process of a no-prep case. We love this picture because it quickly demonstrates how you can change the size, shape, color, and the contours of the tooth – sometimes without doing any drilling whatsoever.

No Prep Veneers

How do they look?

Our no-prep veneers look just as good, and sometimes better, than the traditional porcelain veneers we deliver every day. When you look online at no-prep veneers you often see ugly, bulky, Chiclet-looking teeth. We’ve heard horror stories about tooth sensitivity and veneers popping off. These stories are not what our patients experience!

Atlanta Dental Spa’s dentists spend considerable time, effort, and money to become experts in delivering beautiful smiles. Patients want their smiles to look beautiful, feel great and last a long time. And that’s what we deliver. Our no-prep veneer patients love every aspect of their new smiles.

Less is More

Even if a few of your teeth are able to receive no-prep veneers it doesn’t mean your teeth have to be aggressively drilled. Our dentists have mastered a hybrid technique using the most minimally invasive procedure for each tooth. You may have some teeth that need minor reshaping and some that are completely no-prep.

Another reason so many people choose Atlanta Dental Spa for no-prep veneers is because we fit your investment to your lifestyle. We have financing options available so you can achieve the smile you always wanted and deserve. Contact us to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward the smile of your dreams!

Cutting Edge No-Prep Veneers

Atlanta Dental Spa has created its own version of No-prep Veneers called UltraVeneers. We developed these veneers with a proprietary porcelain blend that has a high-strength glass-ceramic complex. This is what gives them incredible strength and amazing translucency. Additionally, we deliver no-prep veneers that are exceedingly thin, around 0.3mm, or about the thickness of a business card! We are LEADERS in no-prep veneers because we make them look natural, not bulky.

UltraVeneers are:

  • Incredibly strong
  • Nearly translucent
  • Amazingly beautiful
  • Super thin (0.3 mm or less)



The Interview & Consultation

The first step in the no-prep process is for you to come in for a consultation and discuss your options. This is your chance to interview us, and for us to show you what’s possible! We’ll take digital images of your teeth and smile, and we’ll talk about your objectives, whether it’s closing spaces, straightening, whitening, etc.

Your pictures are displayed in a private environment on a high-definition LCD display. Our dentists are experienced listeners. They will spend time with you looking at your photographs and listening to what you have to say about your smile. This is where artistry comes into play.

We’ll show you pictures of amazing smiles to see what appeals to you and we’ll offer guidance for which smile might best match the shape and contours of your face. You’ll see hundreds of examples of our own cosmetic dentistry work.

Our entire team is dedicated to understanding what you are looking for. We offer custom treatment plans for treatment of all scope, whether it’s only two porcelain veneers, or a full-mouth restoration of 28 teeth. You’ll receive a personalized treatment plan for best achieving your goals and we’ll walk you through the details. By the time this appointment is finished our doctors will have created the formula that will give you EXACTLY the smile you want, and more than you might have thought possible!


Your Blueprint

Once we’ve established the cosmetic plan for your smile we make impressions (models) of your mouth and teeth. These are sent with detailed instructions to a Master Ceramist. We choose the best ceramists in the country, based on your specific plan. We communicate with them every step of the way to give you the results you want.

The ceramist will mount your models on a chewing simulator machine and place wax on the teeth to mimic what your veneers will look like. This “wax-up” blueprint ensures the restorations will function properly in your mouth.

Atlanta Dental Spa is concerned not only about your smile looking fabulous, but we also want the results to be functionally long-lasting!

The wax-up serves two purposes: 1) It allows you and the doctor to preview the end result BEFORE we ever start working in your mouth, and 2) provides a template from which we will design your temporary veneers. The wax-up gives us a great starting point for forming your temporaries in the most conservative way possible. Your temporaries will look beautiful, and they allow you to test drive your new smile.


The Preparation Appointment & your Temporaries

Following the wax-up, we’re ready to proceed with the actual dental procedure. Since UltraVeneers are no prep, there will be no trimming down of the enamel. We’ll numb and prepare your teeth to make models on which the actual veneers are made.

We will fit you with the dental temporaries that have been created from your wax-up. The wax-up is your road map, and the temporaries are your test drive. You’re almost at the finish line!

This test drive gives us the opportunity to make modifications, whether functional or cosmetic. We can make adjustments if they’re too long, too short, too round, etc. You’ll get to identify those changes as we move toward fabricating your permanent veneers with our master ceramist. You’ll wear the temporaries for about three weeks, giving you ample time for alterations.


The Preparation Appointment & your Temporaries

The final step is the bonding and placement of your beautiful veneers. 

Congratulations, this is the big day! You will have been wearing your temporaries for a few weeks, test driving everything about them. At this seat appointment we remove the temporaries, try in the finished porcelain to make sure it is perfect and to make sure you LOVE the results.

We then permanently bond in the porcelain restorations. We’ll equilibrate your bite, meaning we align all forces so you have perfectly natural movement. If needed, we’ll make impressions for a protective guard for night time wear. The process is now complete!

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