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Symptoms of a Cavity

March 9, 2020

Are you experiencing any pain on biting? Are your teeth very sensitive? Do you see any holes in your teeth? Do you have any black or brown spots in your teeth? If any of those apply, chances are you have a cavity.

Cavities are caused by poor oral hygiene, not properly brushing or flossing your teeth, not coming into the dentist on a regular basis, a lot of sugar or soda in your diet, and then sometimes it's just genetics, it's the hand you were dealt.

The ways to fix cavities are either through fillings, restorations, or crowns, inlays/onlays.

Here at Atlanta Dental Spa, we strive to help you with all of your dental needs. We would love to see you soon to try and figure all those out.

"I think I may have a cavity. What should I do next?"

Do you still have questions about fillings, crowns, how we detect a cavity, or whether or not you have a cavity? Make an appointment at Atlanta Dental Spa and talk with your dentist. You’ll learn more about how you can have a better life through better dentistry!