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Prevent Disease in Your Mouth with THIS!

October 30, 2020

Hi! I am Charissa Wood, I'm one of the hygienists here at Atlanta Dental Spa. I want to talk about some really cool, new technology that we have just embraced at our Johns Creek location - and actually at all 4 of our locations! It's called the iTero scanner. Gone are the days of having to put goopy stuff in your mouth that might not taste so well to take impressions! Now, we can get what we need just by taking a simple scan of your teeth.

I want to talk about how this can facilitate you and be a benefit to you when you come to see us for your hygiene visits. So, a lot of patients may have inflammation or some gingivitis or some periodontal disease going on. Stats say that actually about 30% of adults have some of that going on in their mouths. What's great about the scan is that it helps us educate you on what's going on - you can see for yourself. I know it's easy to see around our front teeth, but we can't always see what's going on around the back teeth. Taking this simple scan allows us to look at your mouth in 3D - we can turn it all different directions and actually look and see where we see redness, bleeding, inflammation - any areas of concern. If we've got recession or puffy gums, it allows us to track that - where you're starting now - and allows you to see it - then as you progress through treatment we can see how things improve. So, this iTero has a great way of layering scans on top of one another so we can track your improvement and see it in 3D.

The other thing that's great about it is one of the ways that we treat periodontal disease and gingivitis is by using something called Perio Protect trays. It's a very non-invasive, easy way of treating the bacteria that live in our mouth and under our gums, specifically. In the past, we would have to take goopy impressions to make those trays. Now, we can simply scan with the wand, send that scan off to the lab, and they facilitate making these trays, called Perio trays, that fit over your teeth and gums. They deliver a peroxide gel underneath the gumline to help kill off the bad bacteria, let your gums get healthy, turn nice and pink, take that inflammation out, and, at the same time, whiten your teeth. This technology helps us do that in a really easy, non-painful, way!