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Laughing Gas

March 23, 2020

So you want to know what laughing gas is?

Laughing gas is actually a more common term for a gas that's called nitrous oxide. Here at Atlanta Dental Spa, we love seeing you, but we understand that not everybody wants to be here at the dentist so we have a lot of great techniques and amenities in place.

Laughing gas is basically just something that you breathe in through your nose during your time in the dental chair with us. It creates a really great, euphoric effect and reduces any sensation of pain that you might have. It's kind of a one-and-done application. The beauty of it is that there's no residual side effects, so you don't need a driver. It's something that you can do in the middle of your day and return to work.

It's a really great technique and a lot of patients should take more advantage of it! Give us a call and let us know if that's something that you'd be into.