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AI Dentistry : Revolutionizing Dentistry At Atlanta Dental Spa

April 17, 2024

Introduction to AI Dentistry

Dr King Using Latest Dentistry AI Technology To Confirm Dental Health

So, what exactly is AI Dentistry?
And how do we utilize it at Atlanta Dental Spa?

AI is a significant topic currently, and we've seamlessly integrated it into our procedures at Atlanta Dental Spa.  It assists us in delivering consistently accurate diagnoses.

AI Enhanced Dental X-rays

On our X-rays, we use an AI-enhanced viewer. To the right, you'll see options indicating cavities, radiolucency, infections, or notable margins from previous restorations or crowns, even calculus.

This tool validates our professional opinions about these X-rays.  For instance, areas with potential cavities appear pink, allowing you to see exactly what we see.

Real-Time AI Assistance

What's truly impressive is how we can interact with the AI. Hovering over a detected cavity, the AI confirms, "Hey, that is 100% in enamel."

Fortunately, when cavities are still entirely in the enamel, they can be reversed or halted with proper fluoride use, cleaning, and flossing.

Our Diagnostic Process

Initially, we review the X-rays manually before activating the AI component.  This method confirms that our traditional diagnostic skills are aligned with AI recommendations, which they are 99.9% of the time.

AI Dentistry as a Second Opinion

Often, patients come to us with concerns from previous dental visits, such as being told they have numerous cavities.  Upon reevaluation with our AI, we might find fewer issues, and we monitor the rest.

Our AI tracks changes over time, allowing us to compare X-ray results from one appointment to the next, assessing any progression in dental health.

Using AI Dentistry To Enhance Your Atlanta Dental Spa Experience

Embrace the Future of Dentistry

AI technology not only supports our dentists but provides a reliable second opinion.  Having used this technology for several months now, the older methods seem outdated.

If you're looking for a second opinion or simply want the most thorough check-up using the latest technology, come visit us at Atlanta Dental Spa.

We can update your X-rays and review them with our AI, ensuring you receive the most accurate scientific analysis available.

Call Atlanta Dental Spa To Experience This AI Technology

Interested in experiencing how AI can enhance your dental care?  Call Atlanta Dental Spa today to schedule your appointment and see the advanced technology in action.  Our caring dentists are eager to help you achieve the best in oral health.