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Why Choose Atlanta Dental Spa? What Makes Us Different?

All Dental Procedures under one roof! Atlanta Dental Spa is a full service dental practice offering a comforting and relaxing atmosphere one finds in an upscale day spa. All of our doctors are world-class, award-winning dentists apply their industry-leading expertise in this relaxing retreat, leaving clients refreshed, healthy and rejuvenated. Atlanta Dental Spa delivers all dental procedures from cleanings, fillings,dental implants, dentures, crowns to complete smile makeovers and full-mouth reconstructions.

All Dental Procedures under one roof! Atlanta Dental Spa is a full service dental practice offering a comforting and relaxing atmosphere one finds in an upscale day spa. All of our doctors are world-class, award-winning dentists apply their industry-leading expertise in this relaxing retreat, leaving clients refreshed, healthy and rejuvenated. Atlanta Dental Spa delivers all dental procedures from cleanings, fillings,dental implants, dentures,  crowns to complete smile makeovers and full-mouth reconstructions.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Cosmetic and General/Family Dentist

8 Simple Steps to ensure you find the RIGHT dentist for you/your family

(This is an investment in your wellness -- make sure the investment works for you!)

1.  Do a little homework 2.  Browse several sites 3.  Pay attention to reviews (Don’t be fooled!) 4.  All dentists are allowed to call themselves “cosmetic dentists” 5.  Compare Prices 6.  Technology is important 7.  Look at examples of dentists’ own work 8.  Interview more than one dentist

In a city where there is a “Dentist” in every shopping center, choosing a dentist is a seemingly simple task.  However, if you are looking for dentistry that will last and be beneficial to your health (not to mention if you want to avoid pain/discomfort during procedures), then here are simple instructions you should follow to make sure you’re getting quality care that will last a long time. 1.  Do a little homework.  There is a world of information available at your fingertips.  All it takes is a simple Google search.  So if you’re looking for an implant dentist in Atlanta, search for “implant dentist Atlanta.”  If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist, search “cosmetic dentist.”  Looking for the best dentist in Atlanta?  Search “best dentist in Atlanta” or “top dentist Atlanta.”  When you do this your result will be a list of hundreds of websites.  And (believe it or not) they’re not ALL the best dentist in Atlanta -- nor are they all implant dentists -- or cosmetic dentists...so now what do you do?

2.  Browse several sites that catch your attention.  Start reading about each practice and what they offer.  Do they actually offer what you’re looking for?  Do you get a good feeling about the practice when you browse their site?  If so, write that practice down as one you might choose to call.

3.  Pay attention to reviews (Don’t be fooled!)  When you’re doing a search you will find that some practices have reviews and ratings.  Some practices have dozens of reviews while others have none.  When you browse the reviews, pay attention to the “reviewer” by clicking on the reviewer’s name.  What other companies did he or she review?  You might notice a reviewer has (on the very same day) reviewed different companies in different states and different countries...even different dentists across countries on the same day!  How can this be?  Well, some dentists actually purchase false reviews and post them on their sites to appear like their own patients and customers.  So, if you’re the kind of person who prefers companies who have great reviews, first make sure the reviews are real.  Then read the reviews to see what patients say.  If actual patients wrote the reviews, then many of these reviews will give you a feel for the dentists and the practices.

4.  There is NO board certification for cosmetic dentistry.  All dentists, no matter how little or how extensive their training, are allowed to call themselves cosmetic dentists.  This is one of the toughest burdens on the consumer.  So, how do you know if you’re choosing a dentist who actually knows what he or she is doing??  (That’s a scary thought, isn’t it?  But we see patients every day who had their “cosmetic” work done by a dentist who did not have proper training...and the work looks bad, feels uncomfortable, and the veneers/crowns continually pop off).  How can you find out if the dentist has the training needed to get a great result for you?  Start with their website.  You should clearly see that the dentist has extensive training (hundreds and hundreds of hours of after-dental-school education) in cosmetic dentistry courses, including credentials from cosmetic academies.  You should also see that the dentist’s training and credentials are current.  If the dentist became Certified or Accredited back in the 1990s, over 2 decades ago, they did so back in the “old school” days of mercury fillings and metal crowns.  Current credentials are important, because they are earned using modern-day technology, materials, and techniques.

5.  Compare Prices.  Whether you are improving your dental health, or planning to have a smile makeover, you are making an investment.  You probably want to make sure you receive a quality result that looks good and will last a long time.  Once you have narrowed your search down to a few dental practices, compare the prices between these practices.  You may find vast differences between practices.  Cheaper is not always better when you’re looking for quality dentistry.  And, the most expensive practices may be well overpriced.  As a general rule, HMO/DMO (or insurance list) practices will have the cheapest prices.  Private practices (or fee-for-service practices) will usually be significantly more expensive, especially if these dentists are highly-trained and use higher-quality, higher-aesthetic materials (and more conservative technology -- see Technology section).  You will probably find the best private practices to have their fees set relatively in the same range.  The practices that are way more expensive than all of the others may have too much overhead (so they HAVE to charge that much to stay alive) -- or they are trying to appeal to people who just like say they spent the most for a product no matter what. How much should a dental procedure cost?  As a general rule (for the year 2012 for practices around Atlanta), the private-practice fee for a high-quality porcelain restoration (crown, onlay, veneer, etc) should be in the range of $1000-$2000 per tooth.  HMO/Insurance practice fees will probably be under $800 -- and practices charging too much will probably have fees over $2400 per tooth.  Fillings are less expensive than crowns/onlays/veneers -- implant crowns and bridges are more expensive.

6.  Technology is important.  New materials and methods allow a dentist to be more conservative with your care.  This means the dentist has to DRILL LESS of your tooth away to get the job done.  For example, instead of having to grind teeth down to nubs to fit a crown, a porcelain filling (when made properly) delivers a better result.  These newer, more conservative options are products that look good, feel good, and last a long time.  You may be surprised to find out that this kind of dentistry/technology has only been available for the last decade or so.  If a dentist wants to practice this newer dentistry, he or she has to go to hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of continuing education to learn how to successfully use this technology (including materials and procedures).  Meanwhile, for a dentist to keep his or her license active, the dental boards require merely 20 hours of continuing education per year.

Most dentists are NOT practicing this newer conservative dentistry.  How do you know if your dentist is “old school” or “new school”?  You should get a pretty good idea simply by walking through the dental office.  If the dental team gives you a tour of the practice, pay attention to your surroundings.  You may even be able to take a virtual tour of the practice on the dentist’s website.  Do you see newer technology?  Or does it seem like the same old dentist from years past?  Digital x-rays, quieter drills, elimination of that “dental smell,” lasers, and computer technology are just some of the things to look for.  On the flip side of that, some dentists invest in every single piece of technology but refuse to invest the time/money to continue their education.  So you want to know that your dentists researches to invest in the best technology AND puts the technology to good use.

7.  Ask the dentist to show you examples of his or her work.  Dentists who have a lot of success and experience in cosmetic dentistry (or implant dentistry, or the specific services you’re seeking) do not try to keep it a secret.  On their websites and in their offices, you should see many examples of their patients and their work.  You should be able to find cases just like yours that the dentist has completed successfully.  Some dentists purchase photos of beautiful smiles (created by OTHER dentists) and hang them on their office walls.  Experienced dentists have photos of their own work on display.  If you see the work and you think it’s exactly what you want for your own mouth, then you’re probably headed in the right direction.  Better yet -- compare a few dentists.  See if you can see a difference in their outcomes.  Do you like the work of one or two compared to the others?  You might find this to be helpful in narrowing your search.

8.  Interview more than one dentist.  Once you have narrowed your list down to the few dentists who you think will be right for you, then call them to schedule consultation visits with each of them.  This consultation visit will allow you to see the practice, meet the team, see some examples of the dentist’s work, and experience his or her chairside manner.  After you have met a few of these dentists and experienced their practices, one or two will stand out as the RIGHT DENTIST for you (and perhaps your family too).Finding the RIGHT cosmetic or general dentist may seem like a daunting task.  Taking the time to follow these few steps will help to ensure you find the dentist who can deliver exactly what you’re looking for -- whether it’s a perfect smile, pain-free procedures, total dental health, or all of these things!  Finding the RIGHT dentist will prove to be an investment in your (and your family’s) overall wellness.

More on Atlanta Dental Spa:  Pairing the top talents (According to Atlanta Magazine's "Top Dentist" list) in cosmetic and general dentistry with the latest in lavish spa amenities, Atlanta Dental Spa becomes a haven in your otherwise hectic work day. Upon entering the doors, one finds a complete makeover from old visits to the dentist. Atlanta Dental Spa asks you, "What if you actually liked going to the dentist?" And, for these dedicated doctors and staff, it is not a question to ponder. They will simply tell you visiting the Atlanta Dental Spa provides an occasion that not only promotes the health and beauty of a smile, but also enhances the much needed repose we've all come to need in our demanding, active lives.

"The goal of our team is to offer each patient unprecedented, customized service that is simply not found in today's "fast paced" medical environment, "says Atlanta cosmetic dentist Dr. Susan Estep. "We're not here to rush you in and out. We make sure we've devoted all the time and energy you require to achieve your smile and overall health goals. We pride ourselves on offering this luxurious level of service by delivering the utmost in professional care and cutting-edge technology."

But care and relaxation are not the only things Atlanta Dental Spa excels at providing patients. Drs. Estep and Boulden are two of only three Fellows in the State of Georgia, a nationally heralded distinction bestowed by the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics. The Academy presents a rigorous and extensive evaluating process that pinpoints professionals who are committed to advanced learning, attention to detail, and clinical excellence.

Drs. Estep and Boulden have performed thousands of procedures and are consistently placed at the very top of their field. The doctors stay current, along with their dedicated staff by attending and teaching post-graduate continuing education courses and aesthetic seminars each year. All this affords Atlanta Dental Spa the ability to provide patients with the greatest results.

"While Atlanta Dental Spa focuses on professional cosmetic dentistry, we also want to be your family dentist as well. Science confirms that your overall health is linked to the health of your gums and mouth," says Dr. Peter Boulden. "Not only do we want to restore and maintain your gorgeous smile, we also want you to feel your best from head to toe, so we're paying close attention to your oral care routine, knowing that it can be an indicator for other diseases." Although many cosmetic dentists have chosen to perform cosmetic procedures only, our doctors enjoy the long-lasting relationships they build with patients and their families. They want to treat all your dental needs, from a first checkup at 2 years old to fillings and regular cleaning visits. "We feel our patients are like our friends and family," says Dr. Boulden.

Dr. Peter Boulden and Dr. Susan Estep are consistently researching new materials and technologies because the science of dentistry is changing rapidly. They insist on using the best resources, equipment and research to reach perfected results that will last.

"Our goal is to treat our patients and each other with great care and respect. We are changing how people feel about going to the dentist," says Dr. Estep. "Our patients often express how they forget they are in a dental office. In fact, they enjoy their visits with us!" The peaceful serenity of the Atlanta Dental Spa offices includes a luxurious spa environment, Internet cafe, TV's in the ceiling to watch while using Bose noise-canceling headphones, ergonomic patient chairs, and peaceful waterfalls. Atlanta Dental Spa is a respite in a busy workday and believe it or not, can be just as relaxing as a spa. You will be looking forward to your next appointment!

"But, don't take our word for it," says Maria Wheeler, ADS Practice Director. "We believe it's something you need to experience for yourself. Call us to set up a smile consultation, fill out our online guest information section, or feel free to drop by if you're in the area. We always have a relaxing, health-inspired place for you here. And, we promise to give you the best medical care possible in the midst of a calming, stress-free haven. You will leave rejuvenated, healthy and of course, smiling bright!"